Walter Joseph Snelick

12th Grade Gov't/Econ



Joseph Snelick



Hello my name is Joseph Snelick and welcome to my page. I graduated high school in Lewisville, TX in 2009. I ran track at Texas A&M University for a year and then left to serve in the United States Army. After four years, I continued my education at Auburn University Montgomery. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice & Public Safety. In 2020, I completed my Masters Degree in Education and Social Sciences. I have been teaching since 2018 and I look forward to teaching your child.


The personal philosophy that I have on teaching is that as teachers we are trying to do more with the students than just give them an education. To me, it is about building leaders and modeling students into contributable humans in society. I think that there is a major problem with youth now a days and the way the world is going. It is my goal to do my part to influence students I teach and coach to always do the right thing in life and to help others. When students come to school they don’t just come to receive an education in math, science, or history. They come to school to also receive an education on how to live life. School is a mini society with all the same characteristics that they will face when they grow up. You have your boss, your peers, and an objective that you are trying to accomplish. Students can learn a lot about life in their time in school if they can just take it seriously and attempt to learn. My job is to influence or teach students on how to live their life in the right way and not the popular or easy way. So when students step into my classroom they are learning more than just history or social sciences. This is why I wanted to teach this subject because to me my subject field is an easy way to tie in life lessons with history. There will be plenty of teachable moments that come across my classroom and I will be ready to provide the students with a useful and practical lesson to take with them that will be used in life. My main goal as a teacher is to build the youth into something that they can be and push them to limits that they never thought they could attain.

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