History of Elmore County High School

School History

In 2005, Elmore County High School celebrated a landmark birthday - 100 years. ECHS opened her doors in 1905 under the name Eclectic High School. However, those who attended had to pay tuition because the community couldn't afford to operate a school. Finally in 1910 the county of Elmore became eligible for county high school - and Elmore County High School was born and officially opened her doors under her new name on September 19, 1911.

However, luck was not always with our school. On February 24, 1913 and again in 1914, the school was destroyed by fires. The town kept rebuilding and they were determined that the school would stay open. As a result, for over a year, ECHS was housed in temporary quarters. Once rebuilt the second time, the school continued to grow and in 1934 two new wings were added.

In 1935, the Southern Association of Secondary School and Colleges granted her accreditation and has maintained that accreditation. As the school population increased, tragedy struck once more, when fire destroyed the building again. Elmore County High School was rebuilt and reopened her doors in 1940 and she still stands today.

Major renovations were completed in 1985 to the main building and the annex and in 1994 a new cafeteria was built. In 1996 the library was moved to the cafeteria's old home. Finally, in 2000 Elmore County High School became a 9th thru 12th grade school. A new middle school was built and the 7th and 8th graders moved into Eclectic Middle School.

Recent projects include a new band room dedicated in the fall of 2006, renovation of the home section of Burt-Haynie Field in 2007, renovation of the old band room into a technology classroom in 2008, a new gym completed in the fall of 2015.

When the doors opened in 1905, she housed approximately 75 students. Today over 450 students walk her halls on any given day. As we continue to grow we do not know what the future holds . . . but we can never forget the many individuals who once attended this school and were proud to be a part of her memories.